Why sell your property with us

We are experts with specialised knowledge, having conducted many transactions with many, diverse properties.  This has given us the special insight and knowledge to know what buyers and tenants are looking for, and what Factory upgrades landlords or owners need.

We provide a holistic package which includes suggesting legal services and financial institutions.  We also play an advisory role in valuations and administrative services.

We have the special ability to sell your property in the fastest time possible.  

If you have financial difficulties and constraints, our business and market knowledge can still help you achieve your Property goals.  We are discreet.  We respect and secure your privacy.  And we can help you now. 
How can we help you

Putting real estate up for sale or rent can be a complicated process. However, our niche expertise in Industrial and Commercial Property ensures that you get the connections and local knowledge that you need.

Our insider’s information and keen eye on property market trends give you access to new listings even before they are put up for sale or rent! With us, you can trust that you are making the best investment or business decision for your business.
We guarantee a completely private and discreet engagement when renting or purchasing a business premise so that there are absolutely no leaks of information to your competitors or privacy issues.
We can customise marketing plans for you.  Not all factories are designed in the same way: there are some with customisations and complex, production machinery or facilities which need special marketing plans.
You can leverage on our large database of business owners and purchasers as they are the same people who buy, sell, and rent property from us. We are in constant communication with these people at all times.

Let’s Get Started!

Fill in the form below in order to sell or rent out your Shop, Factory, Land, or Warehouse.  Our authorized property Specialist will contact you within 1 working day to clarify and validate your details and desires.